Energy Scout, Issue 6 - March 2013

The Energy Scout is a monthly curated list of significant news in sustainable energy, particularly the near-future of clean+smart energy systems; it's intended for both professionals and laymen.

General Energy

Clean Energy



  • Worldwide, Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) policies for renewable energy have been the most popular policy mechanism to promote clean energy development, by directly reimbursing system owners for every kWh produced. FiTs have helped dramatic growth in solar power in the EU, but very high growth and rapid reductions in cost have prompted hasty revising of FiTs programs, eroding investor/buyer confidence in such markets as Spain, Italy, and Germany. Furthermore, FiTs should reflect local contexts better, e.g. crediting solar power more if it supports weak grids, or reducing its value when solar is already heavily deployed. One possible improvement is a contextually adjusted "Smart FiT".

Smart Energy/Grid

Regional Notes



  • In China, new president Xi Jinping and new premier Li Keqiang entered power; Li has promised to fight pollution. Key policies affecting solar and wind power are under review, as the markets continue to consolidate (the Chinese solar manufacturer SunTech declared bankruptcy). Here's a good summary of trends in Asia.


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