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A biweekly newsletter tracking global energy trends - especially cleaner, smarter, distributed, and more collaborative energy. Every issue will bring you the most important energy news and publications (that crosses my desk), curated from the vast vistas of the Internet, to keep you updated on the rapid transformation of the world's energy infrastructure.


Historically, humanity's energy sources have changed fairly slowly: the transitions from using just our own muscle power to other sources (fire, animal, falling water, sails/wind, coal/steam) took centuries. More recently, oil, electrical, and nuclear infrastructure transformed the world within as little as 3 decades. Looking ahead, the need for clean (renewable, decentralized) and smart (IT-driven) energy systems will be faster still, and considerably more complex.

So the aim of the Energy Scout is to help you - as an energy professional or keen layman - stay abreast of important developments and publications on our sustainable energy future.


The host of this website, Kai, started this. As a researcher and entrepreneur in clean energy, I've read hundreds of papers, scores of books, and currently read and follow dozens of information sources on energy. I needed to organize my own thinking and notes on the topic; so I might as well share the result. :)


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