Talk notes: JavaScript Programming in the Large with Closure Tools, Bolin 2011

A Google I/O 2011 talk by Michael Bolin on the Google Closure Tools.


Why is this talk and the technology worthwhile?

  1. Google Closure is what powers GMail, Maps, Docs, and other powerful and impressive web applications.
  2. Not only is the technology clearly capable, but it's heavily, heavily tested by massive Google user-bases. You'll be fortunate to have a user-base within the same order-of-magnitude, so why not build on something proven?
  3. The problems of JavaScript development that Bolin highlights are serious, and Closure addresses them brilliantly.
  4. ClojureScript uses Google Closure…there's some kind of meta-recursion there that is cool. More seriously, for those of us using ClojureScript, there aren't "in-the-large" guidelines yet so using Closure from cljs is a decent starting point.

Here are my notes on the talk, time-stamped for easy skipping around:

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