Book notes: Lean Architecture for Agile Software Development, Coplien and Bjørnvig 2010

As I'm thinking more about architecture lately, I decided to skim this book. The text struck me as frequently fluffy, vague, and verbose, with writing that couldn't get to the point quickly and clearly. There's also a bias towards internal company projects, not B2C nor B2B software. And generally, object-oriented thinking with all its incidental complexity is over-represented in this book, though they do give good history as to why in Ch.8.

I've paraphrased and extracted what I consider useful signal from noise, in point-form below. The summary is simple: separate data from functions. That goal is not quite natural for object-oriented code and requires the conscious and repeated effort the book describes. But data|functions is the heart-and-soul of functional programming, so pick your paradigm accordingly!

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